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Serving financial and health insurance needs in the Upstate NY Region since 1992

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Independent financial advice with a focus on the best interest of the client

As a local insurance company with offices in Saratoga Springs, Blue Chip Financial Group takes the time to develop insurance solutions that are based on the personal needs and relationships with our clients. We work to understand our clients, and once familiar with your needs, we tailor an insurance program that protects you while managing cost.

In designing your insurance program, we represent and work with many insurance companies and endeavor to use only those companies that have a financial rating from A.M. Best that is "A-" or better. From these carriers' diverse products we develop an insurance solution that minimizes your risk and provides you with reliable, secure coverage.

You'll find that at Blue Chip Financial Group, it is not our products alone that make the difference. Quality of service, an understanding of your account, and an insistence that carriers provide prompt response in claims, loss prevention, statistical analysis and underwriting sets us apart.

We work with you as business partners to establish, negotiate and navigate your insurance program. We advise you on total costs, taking into account hard costs such as premiums and soft costs such as time. Moreover, we continually make available value-added programs such as ongoing risk management, keeping you informed about pertinent laws and practices that affect your company's operations and loss prevention procedures.